What kind of photos do you want to capture?

I would like to portray you in a situation or set up where you experience yourself as a sexual being. This could mean a nude portrait, self pleasure, sex with a partner or things from the kinky side of life.

Who will be shooting the photos & why?

I will be shooting the photos. My name is Olaf Blecker. I’m a photographer from Berlin.

I’ve been shooting portrait photography for over 2 decades. I’ve been lucky enough to be published in some very interesting magazines such as The New Yorker, Wired and Zeit Magazin among others. Sex is something which is a part of everyones life in so many ways. I myself find the idea of creating work that speaks about sex in an educational, undistorted and shameless way to be something that is worthwhile. 

What city will this take place in?

Mainly in Berlin.

However, I travel a lot for work so there might be the chance that I will be in your city. So in this situation something could be set up.

Also, if you are planning to visit Berlin then of course that would work too.

Where will the photos be taken?

If possible I would like to shoot all the people in their own environment.

However, if you do not have a space you can provide, we will figure something out.

Will there be other people with us while shooting?

My assistant will be with me to set up a bit of equipment.

He will leave when we start shooting unless you are comfortable with him being there.

Will there be money included?

This is a low budget cultural, educational piece, so unfortunately there is no budget for model fees.

When will the shoot take place?

The book will be published this autumn, so the shoots must take place during spring and summer.

Do I have to be nude?

As this is an educational piece on sex it would fit with the subject matter if all were shot in the nude. 

However, I am willing to make some exceptions if there are interesting or good reasons.

Will my face have to be in the images?

From an artistic stance point I would find it limiting if the subject is not willing to have their face or whole body photographed. So I would prefer that they are willing for everything to be seen.

However, it could possibly happen that in some images faces or certain body parts will not be seen.

How can I get in contact with you if I am interested or if I need additional information?

Please send an email to

Feel free to introduce yourself with a bit of text and some images (these won´t be used in any way).

Look forward to hearing from you.